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Icaro FAST

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Icaro FAST

Smart Technology

Incorporated two-channel rolling code radio receiver, plug-in connector for connection of a second receiver; control unit with self-learning and self diagnostic functions of the parameters: brake, torque, obstruction detection; control unit compatible with the EElink protocol.

Safe Use

Obstruction-sensing device reverses the operator motion and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event of contact.

Simpler Installation

Incorporated control unit positioned frontally for easier accessibility; control unit programming by LCD display.


EE Link


Icaro Technical Features


Icaro FAST



Leaf Weight

up to 2,200 lb (~1,000 kg)


LEO D (incorporated)

reversible/irreversible operator


power supply

120 V 60 Hz single-phase

absorbed power

1 hp (750 W)

thermal protection

integrated in the control unit

Leaf Speed

7.9 ips (12 m/min)

Output rotational speed

37 rpm

Pinion Pitch

4 mm (18 teeth)

impaCt reaCtion

electronic clutch with encoder

Limit Switches


manual release

mechanical release with knob

operating CyCle

intensive use

environmental Conditions

from 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)

degree of proteCtion


operator weight

56 lbs (~25 kg)


Icaro Models & Accessories

Icaro FAST 110V/60Hz with Board (P925185 00002)

CP Plastic Rack 22MM X 22MM (3.3’) (D221073)

MITTO2 - Rolling Code Remote (2 ch) (D111750)

IR Polarized Reflective Photocell W/Hood (KIRPOLAPHOT001)



Icaro Cut Sheet

Icaro English Installation Manual
Icaro Leo Board Manual